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A reserve report is a financial report of the remaining quantities of minerals - most frequently oil & gas - which can be economically recoverable over a period of time.

When we initially set out to publish Reserve Report, we wanted to highlight what was - at the time - a large disconnect between the reported & actual economic reserves of a significant minority of US-based Oil & Gas firms.

Original cartoon by Tom Toro; @ReserveReport

Our writing that has followed is a continuation of that kind of commentary, in the energy world and beyond.

Calls include:

When there is a large disconnect between what is being reported vs reality, we will write about it.

Most subscribers are here for the times when we’ve been contrarian & right -

  • We aren’t contrarian for contrarianism’s sake

  • We conduct independent analysis

  • And when our analysis looks different, we don’t hold back

One of our reports was cited (as Wildcax’s newsletter) in Bloomberg -

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Matt Sterett is the Editor.

Pierre Follea is a frequent contributor.

3x other individuals have participated - and will remain anonymous… for now.


Reserve Report was previously owned by Wildcax, Inc., a DCA software founded by Matt Sterett, Pierre Follea, and others. A company controlled by Matt Sterett bought out the assets of Wildcax - including Reserve Report - in 2021.


Nothing here is investment advice - all communications from Reserve Report are solely for your informational purposes. If we take positions in the names discussed, we will disclose. Assume Matt is always long Microsoft & Amazon.

*Matt is currently long MSFT & AMZN (since 2018). Matt also owns one share each of the Green Bay Packers & Manchester Untied..

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"... the major obstacle to the development of new supplies is not geology but what happens above ground: international affairs, politics, investment and technology" - Daniel Yergin


I write about Markets, Energy, Tech, & Geopolitics. Currently @ Glow Financial Services. Priors: Analyst @ Citi Global Markets; Policy Fellow @ Cicero Institute; Alum of Cambridge & ESCP. twitter.com/matthewsterett linkedin.com/in/matthewsterett